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What is Watershed Music Group?

Founded in 2011, Watershed Music Group® is a full-service, modern music rights management company committed to transparency and innovation. Through our recorded music, music publishing, and education divisions, we specialize and partner with creators and rights holders who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. An independent firm based in Dallas, TX, we continually evolve to serve our clients' music and maximize earnings.

The Watershed Music Group® family consists of Meeting Place Records, Watershed Music Publishing, 9DMG, and Music Publishing University.

Do you accept song submissions?

We are not currently accepting unsolicited song submissions. However, if you are interested in partnering with us, you may complete our Inquiry Form and include a link where we can hear your music.

Are you taking on new artists or publishing clients?

We are committed to our work, and every partnership is meaningful to us. While we cannot take on every inquiry, please feel free to complete our Client Partnership Inquiry form. If we feel that we are a good fit for each other and have the capacity, we will respond to your inquiry at our earliest convenience.

What is the best way to reach you?

Please contact us through the Contact page.

Music Licensing

How do I request a song license?

United States

The Watershed Music Publishing catalog is licensed through Capitol CMG Publishing for users in the United States.


Contact Editora Adorando Ltda. at

Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

Contact SHOUT! Music Publishing at

Rest of World

Contact Universal Music Publishing Group at

How do I request a song translation?

If you would like to translate one of our compositions into another language or are requesting an official translation for use on a recording:

Certain songs have official translations. If an official translation exists, we ask that you obtain a license for that version.

If an official translation does not exist and you would like to create one, please complete and return this Translation Request Form.

Please direct all translation inquiries to directly.

How do I license your master sound recordings?

Each of our owned or controlled master sound recordings is subject to the approval of the sound recording owner. Please get in touch with us to find out if we control any particular recordings you would like to license.

Can I use your music on YouTube and Facebook?

If you are creating a video for personal use (“User-Generated Content”), and not to promote a product, business, or other commercial use, you do not need a license to post your video on your personal YouTube page or channel.

However, the copyright owners have the right to claim, monetize, and place ads on your video. This claim is NOT a strike on you or your channel and will cause ads to appear around the video. This is how we produce compensation for the use of our song. This is how songwriters are paid.

For videos of a commercial nature that advertise goods or services, promote a product, brand, or political view, or are otherwise commercial in nature, you will need to obtain a synchronization license.

Royalty Information

Update your royalty participant information

Address Change

Please complete this form if you have moved or have a new address in the United States. Please do not email or text your updated address.

Update Vendor Details

Tax form W-9 (U.S. resident) - Please complete this tax form if you are a Watershed Music Group LLC royalty participant and have new royalty vendor details or are a first-time royalty participant.


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