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Welcoming Stairway Music & Releasing Home, Pt. 1

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Stairway Music and the release of their latest live worship release, “Home, Pt. 1” is out now! Available everywhere for streaming and download.

About Stairway Music
Stairway Music is the worship expression of Stairway Church Whitehorse, Melbourne, Australia, a faith community led by Senior Pastors Peter & Lyn McHugh. Headed up by Anna Furlong & Jared Grant, Stairway Music is a collective of musicians, songwriters, producers, and creatives passionate about releasing our sound to impact the world around us.

We believe we are called as missionaries of the soundwaves. We know that a sound can heal the sick, a song can call a lost one home. We understand the power of worship to shift atmospheres and change lives. We agree with the assignment of heaven for our house to release this sonic revolution throughout the world. Knowing that as we worship, we release the restorative agenda of Heaven on Earth.

We are passionate. We are family. We are doing this together.

Our team champions the cause of Stairway Music week in and week out. There is no way we could do this without them. In addition to this incredible core team, we are blessed to have our production team, songwriting community, and worship team all crafting and serving the sound of this house. These are our people!

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