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Welcoming Community Music & Releasing Name Above The Grave

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Community Music and the release of their latest live worship song, “Name Above The Grave” is out now! Available on the TRIBL.

About the Song
“Name above the Grave was written from a place of deep sorrow and honesty. As we were walking into this particular writing session, we got the news that this amazing little girl, whose story we had been following online, had just passed away from brain cancer and it hit us all pretty hard!

So, really, this song came out of the 4 of us, in that room, fighting and praying for her family as they walked through unimaginable pain. And as we prayed, we asked the Holy Spirit to help us write a song that would give language to people who are living through very painful seasons. We wanted to write something that was raw and real, while also pointing to the hope we have in Jesus!

We pray that this song will give you the words you need to express your heart to the Lord. And that as you sing to the name above the grave, hope and faith would rise up in you, and that in His strength you would declare “still I’ll praise the name of Jesus!”

About Community Music
Community Music, based out of Chicago, is the newest addition to NewThing – a global church planting movement. Community Music and NewThing were started by Community Christian Church, whose mission is to reach people who are far from God, restore God’s dream for the world and reproduce that mission in others. With a church-planting and multiplication DNA, Community Music writes songs for the Church with a clear message that “Love Overcomes Fear”.

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