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Unveiled Worship’s “Every Heart” Now Available

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FRISCO, Tex.–Unveiled Worship, the Colorado Springs-based worship expression founded by Brian and Kristen Ming releases debut full-length album, “Every Heart”. The album features Lindy Conant Cofer, Elyssa Smith of UPPERROOM, Jeff Deyo, Lou Engle, Brian Ming, and Kristen Ming. Unveiled Worship’s songs are featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian and have already accumulated thousands of streams across hundreds of playlists including Spotify’s Release Radar.

Watch and subscribe to Unveiled Worship on YouTube:

“Every Heart” is available everywhere for streaming and download.

About Unveiled Worship
Unveiled Worship is a collaboration of worshipers and songwriters who believe Jesus is coming soon. As evil increases in the world so will a counter-movement emerge unveiling a new sound of victory and evangelism over the nations. This new sound is not a sound of young people, of old people, a specific race or culture of people. It’s not a certain style of music. It’s a sound of generations uniting for global revival that will unveil the King’s return to His Kingdom.

Some might ask, what is the sound meant to do? What are we actually accomplishing by producing songs for the King? The answer is simple: weaponry! Songs released by Unveiled Worship are meant to be weapons in the hands of those who run into battle and declare the King’s domain. These songs are meant to equip the saints, empower the church, and release healing to the nations.

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