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The Stewardship of Music

Adam Carpenter

If those who work with me in music paid attention and could earn a dollar for every time they’ve heard me use the phrase, “the stewardship of music”, they would probably own the cattle on a thousand CCLI hills. Cha-Ching!

Why do I say this phrase so much? Because I care….a whole lot more than most people I know! I care about the originating purpose of music, the role it plays in society, creative expression, music business management, that creatives are rightfully rewarded, and I care that people have educated understanding.

What is a steward? Simply defined, a steward is a person whose responsibility it is to take care of something.

Who are the creators of musical content? Those who create compositions and those who create recordings. Did you know that these creations are more than mere art? Musical creations are [often] accompanied by both responsibility and liability. For artists who create music, music is the marriage of creative expression and legal concern.

I am not a lawyer, however, I am a student with many years of experience in the music industry. Should you become a lawyer or an expert? Not necessarily. Am I suggesting that you gain adequate awareness and understanding of the field in which you are set out to operate, let alone expect fruit from? Absolutely.

Every song owner with at least one song that has been performed, made accessible to others, or otherwise distributed to the public, must have a steward. It is the song owner’s responsibility to ensure their properties are properly managed and represented — protected, appropriately licensed, and financial collections made from the use or “consumption” of their works.

Every recording owner must also have a steward — whether for the purpose of liability management, or for the protection, licensing, and collections for the use of their recorded works.

The only way you will ever succeed in the stewardship of music is by caring for yourself and caring about others. Stay connected to receive years of valuable, practical information that I know will be an asset to you.

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