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Search for lyrics, discover new songs, and submit copyright requests for favorites including Reckless Love, King of My Heart, First Love, You Won't Relent, The Way (New Horizon), We Love Your Name, and many more.

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Watershed Music Publishing is an administration and award-winning publishing company on a mission to empower songwriters’ creativity. We help with the legal stuff that protects you, the financial stuff to compensate you, and the administrative work to support and clarify everything for you and your team. Our proprietary technology and world-class global sub-publishing network help ensure the best support in the business.


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“We love working with Adam and the team at Watershed! With a deep desire to see songs that advance the Kingdom of God released, they do everything with excellence, integrity, and efficiency! They have made releasing and accounting for music so much easier for us as a team. They are always keeping themselves informed and up to date with the ever-changing music industry and are quick to answer any questions we have. I would recommend Watershed to anyone looking for help in their music services.”

- Stephanie Sohnchen
Executive Assistant, The Belonging Co

“The Lord has sovereignly raised him up, and really the Lord has given him a true spirit of wisdom and revelation on the subject of music administration, stewardship, and legacy. Really, for a lot of us artists, it’s the subject that we know is there and we have to somehow deal with, but we don’t want to and we don’t know-how. As my best friend of nearly 20 years, I could not recommend Watershed and its services more highly!”

- Rick Pino
Founder, Worship Coach

“Working in partnership with Watershed has been such a breath of fresh air! Adam and his team earnestly carry themselves and with excellence and integrity, empowering me to focus on writing, recording and releasing music with clarity, purpose and ease. They are uniquely equipped and activated to see the music of the kingdom of God released into the earth.”

- Bryan McCleery
Worship Pastor, Crossbridge Community Church

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