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Cross Worship Partners With Watershed/RE:THINK

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FRISCO, Tex.–Cincinnati, OH worship community, Cross Worship has partnered with Watershed Music Group and RE:THINK, a division of Capitol CMG. Cross Worship’s debut release under the strategic partnership is “And Our Song Will Be…”. This is Cross Worship’s first EP release after gaining worldwide attention for their version of So Will I (100 Billion X) and features 6 live songs including a brand new version of “So Will I (100 Billion X), featuring Osby Berry.

About Cross Worshipi
Cross Worship is a collaboration of worship leaders with a heart to reconcile the body of Christ across denominational and racial divides. It was founded by Troy Culbreth in Cincinnati, Ohio as a regular gathering, inviting churches from around the city to come and worship together united as one. As a collective team of individual artists, Cross Worship blends the strengths of different styles to create an eclectic sound capable of reaching a unified church.

In December of 2018, Cross Worship began to be recognized for their version of Hillsong’s “So Will I”. They are now releasing original content along with continuing to put together unique arrangements of other popular worship songs.

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