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Ascent Project Partners With Watershed/RE:THINK

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FRISCO, Tex.–Fort Collins, CO worship community, Ascent Project has partnered with Watershed Music Group and RE:THINK, a division of Capitol CMG. Ascent’s debut release under the strategic partnership is “Shape & Shadow (Live From Fort Collins, CO)”, Ascent’s first live album featuring 12 raw, authentic songs that draw listeners into a place of deep worship and relationship with Jesus. The title of the album comes from the lyrics, “Let every shape and shadow, my heart’s reflection, look more like You.” The album is full of honest lyrics like these about God’s love for us and our desire to be with Him and be like Him.

“The album features songs that Ascent Project Church has been declaring for the past year and have become the rallying cry of the community of worshippers”, Ascent states. “The powerful anthem “Miracles” is a faith-filled song about the community’s desire to see God do the miraculous and bring revival to their city. “Trust in You,” “Shape & Shadow,” and “All I’m Living For” are intimate worship songs that bring people to a place of trust and devotion with Jesus. The album also features songs of joy and celebration such as Ascent Project’s new live arrangement of their popular song “Revive My Wonder” and new song “At the Table. These songs have been powerful truths that our church has been singing loud for a while. Our prayer is that people are drawn into that same place of worship all around the world as they listen.”

The album is available worldwide for streaming and download, with live worship videos on Ascent Project’s YouTube channel.

About Ascent Project
Ascent Project is a church movement preparing a way for people to encounter the presence of God.

With a love for the local church and a desire to see the body of Christ unified, Ascent Project is more than just a band; it’s a movement of Spirit-filled, Jesus-centered worship for people of all walks of life. Birthed out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Ascent Project has the vision to create worship music and gather the church locally and globally to make Jesus famous. From their simple weekly worship gatherings in an upper room in downtown Fort Collins to large city-wide gatherings of churches, they have created a culture of passionate worship and unified community.

We believe that the breath of God changes lives. As more of heaven comes to earth, the atmosphere begins to shift. Our worship is birthed out of a heart for people to experience the presence of God and be changed by it. We call ourselves a movement because we long for people not just to listen to our music but to be changed by it and to live out God’s heart for people. When we worship, God plants His heart in our chest, and our response is to love those He loves. Look after those He loves. Serve those He loves. As a movement, we long to change this world one person at a time as we give the church its voice and live as the hands and feet of Jesus.

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