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Rick Pino

Austin, TX

Rick Pino - Watershed Music Group - Worship Coach - Heart of David

Rick Pino

Rick Pino is a husband, father, worship leader and respected by many as one of the modern day fathers of the global worship movement.

He is the founder of the Worship Coach mentorship program which gives daily instruction to thousands of worshippers from around the world and has personally led worship in over 80+ nations and counting.

Rick and his wife Lindsey live in Austin, TX with their daughter Zoey and their two sons Koa and Leo.


Rick Pino, Abbie Gamboa - Nothing Else - Watershed Music Group

Nothing Else

Rick Pino


Rick Pino - The Early Years - Watershed Music Group

The Early Years

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - Rend The Heavens

Rend The Heavens

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - Kiss The Son

Kiss The Son

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - Leaning On My Beloved

Leaning On My Beloved

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - The Narrow Road

The Narrow Road

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - Songs For An End Time Army

Songs For An End Time Army

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - The Undiscovered

The Undiscovered

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - Angel Of Awakening

Angel Of Awakening

Rick Pino


Cover - Rick Pino - Weapons Of Warfare

Weapons Of Warfare

Rick Pino


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