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Paul Arend

Anaheim, CA

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Paul Arend

Paul Arend is a songwriter, music producer, and mixing engineer in Orange County, California. he is most known for his association with Vineyard Anaheim, Bethel Church, Carousel, and Paul Arend.

growing up the son of two music majors, Paul developed a deep connection to music at a young age. through his childhood and teenage years, that connection manifested into many forms – choir, musicals, and lots of church music. he began writing music at the age of 13.

a week after turning 18 years old, Paul moved to Redding, California, where he found himself pursuing a career in professional audio. after interning for a local studio called The Soundhouse (Jeremy Edwardson, Jesus Culture), Paul was hired as an audio engineer at Bethel Church, where he went on to mix FOH regularly for weekend services. during his almost 8 years in Redding, he also led worship at the church, participated in a handful of Bethel Music recordings, notably We Will Not Be Shaken and Without Words: Synesthesia, and traveled with Bethel Music artists, mixing FOH for itinerate events and conferences.

in Redding, Paul solidified his proficiency in songwriting and music production – first for himself, then eventually for others, writing and producing his first full-length record Medicine, 2016, and producing and mixing a myriad of other singles and EPs for various artists, including Johnny Knox, Taylor Armstrong, and Brother Byrd. his further personal production and songwriting work include projects under both his name and the band Carousel, who released their debut record Smoke + Mirrors in mid-2019.

in early 2019, Paul and his wife Christina relocated to Southern California, where they took jobs at Vineyard Anaheim, and Paul continued in work in music production and mixing. with the church, Paul wrote on and produced their 2020 record Returning, with the help of the amazing Vineyard Anaheim team. he and Christina are thoroughly enjoying their sunny Orange County days off.

if you’d like to work with Paul on a project, please use the contact form through this site or send an email to: paulchristopherarend@gmail.com.


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