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Dara Maclean

Fort Worth, TX

Dara Maclean - Watershed Music Group

Dara Maclean

Dara Maclean is a Dove Nominated, Miami born, Fort Worth raised, music artist, worship leader, mentor, song writer and communicator that’s grown up doing music and ministry, locally and globally.

After making three independent records by the age 18. In 2011, Dara was signed to Word Records, the Christian division of Warner Records and made her first label album, “You Got My Attention”. That album was proceeded by her second record label release in 2013 called, “Wanted”.

Alongside her record career blossoming, Dara and her husband said yes to Pastoring a young adult community at their local church for the next 5 years. Dara continued to travel doing music ministry, releasing singles, sowing into the creative worship community at their local church and DFW area, as well as, being an integral part of three collaborative worship records made to serve the church at large.

In 2015 she released a live version of a foundational life theme song she wrote at the age 16 called “Blameless”.

“Blameless is my forever personal identity testimony, as well as the bridge into the next season of my life musically as a worshiper.”

Fast forward to today. Dara has spent the last few years on the most beautiful journey of personal undoing, reckoning and rebuilding. The songs that have been birthed in the secret, vulnerable and at times, very painful places, seem to have been forged perfectly for today.

This year Dara releases her next solo album entitled “River”. Her magnum opus of the last 8 years. Every part of the record is rich in anthemic echoes of holistic health and true freedom. The prophetic theme and prayer behind the record is that people would awake to the Eden within, to the new thing God is doing and to “streams in the desert and supernatural rivers, in every dry and devastated place.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Her prayer behind everything she creates, is to lead people into authentic encounter with the true nature of God and His heart for them. To expose every religious box and lie of shame that’s been a counterfeit to real relationship and connection. To provide a space and sound for the Holy Spirit to do heart surgery, so performance can be exchanged for a revelation of rest and whole hearted living. To create an atmosphere that accesses heaven now realities that Jesus made inherently available for us at the cross. To communicate Gods perfect, unearned, unrelenting love and passionate pursuit of our hearts in every moment.

“His grace is the ability to recognize and return love to Him, by simply saying yes.

Because, HE is the one who FIRST and has always, desperately and completely loved us, just as we are.” (1 John 4:19)


Cover - Dara Maclean - Back To The Beginning

Back To The Beginning

Dara Maclean


Cover - Dara Maclean - Forever Family

Forever Family

Dara Maclean


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