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Chloé - Watershed Music Group


A dynamic artist inspired by her diverse cultural upbringing, Chloé is soon to be remembered by many. By pairing her unique lyrical style and adventurous melody composition, she paints a vivid picture and captivates an audience through her music.

Born and raised in Montréal, Canada, Chloé now resides in Nashville, TN with her husband Payden Hilliard (Drummer of the multi Grammy-nominated band Leeland). Together, they are now on a new adventure to create music together.

By the early age of 6, Chloé led her first adult choir. In her teenage years, she further built her audience singing in both French and Italian competitions, performing in Montreal’s grandest theaters to crowds of thousands. Constantly growing in her craft, music became second nature to the young artist.

In June 2019, Chloé released her debut single, “Need You”. Since then, the single has been charting on countless radio stations across the globe. “Need you” not only captivated the ears of listeners but their hearts as well.

Chloé’s desire is to share her vulnerability through her music. By being true to herself while staying in tune with the heart of God. Chloé’s dream is to take listeners on a personal journey with her.

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