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Brandon Love

Atlanta, GA

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Brandon Love

Brandon Love grew up in Havre De Grace, Maryland in a single mother household with a stepfather in and out of jail. Growing up in the trauma of abuse, poverty, and even seeing his little brother hit by a car and killed, led Brandon into a life of hustling, drug dealing, and pursuing an outlet in music. During this time he also began dealing with a severe illness that put him in and out of the hospital. One day lying on a hospital bed with a horrible fever, Brandon called out to God and was miraculously healed. Brandon gave his life to Christ and began to see how God wanted to use him and his music.

Brandon left Maryland and moved to Atlanta with the goal of making music with a relevant message for his generation. During this time he also started mentoring kids and young artists, one of whom was Justin Bieber. As Justin broke into the music industry, Brandon went on the road as his traveling pastor and mentor. In 2014 Brandon released the song the Pledge featuring Justin. Without any record label support or strategy, the song took off and was featured on Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, and other media outlets.

Although the song had great success, Brandon’s music took a backseat to his focus on mentoring kids and community outreach. In 2019 he released his second single “When I’m Lost” featuring Aswan North from Paper Tongues, Katie Reed, and Lou Engle. In 2020 he received a call from Justin connecting him with Kanye West. They discussed his music and potential future collaboration but then COVID hit.

In 2021 Brandon was featured on the song “All She Wrote” on Justin Beiber’s new Gospel EP, “Freedom”. Recently signing a deal with Dream Records, Brandon is preparing to release multiple projects that he’s been working on over the years. Brandon would describe himself as an unconventional artist that isn’t limited to one genre. His goal is to inspire a generation to want to know God, to become love and revolutionize culture. In addition to his personal music, Brandon founded and leads a creative arts outreach ministry Go Gettaz 4 God, and is co-founding a creative prayer and worship community/launching center in Atlanta called the Oasis.


Brandon Love - When I'm Lost (Remix) - Cover

When I’m Lost (Remix)

Brandon Love


Brandon Love - When I'm Lost

When I’m Lost

Brandon Love


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